Dry Needling

Treat muscle pain with pin point precision

Are You In Pain & Looking For A Solution?

What Conditions Can Dry Needling Help With? 

Dry-needling can be used to treat many conditions including:


  Neck/back pain

  Shoulder pain

  Knee pain

  Foot/ankle joint sprains

  Muscle strains e.g. calf strains

  Tendon injuries e.g. tennis elbow

  Sporting injuries

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry-needling is a safe, supportive treatment modality in which an ultra fine filament needle is “tapped” through the skin to reach underlying muscles and connective tissues. Typically, the needle is directed toward tight and painful muscles that are sensitive to touch and pressure.

How Does It Work?

The underlying pain reduction mechanisms of dry-needling are complex and still not entirely clear. However, it is widely accepted that the involuntary muscle twitch which occurs when the needle is inserted causes a reduction of painful chemical substances in the local tissue resulting in pain reduction and improved muscle function.

How do we use dry needling at DG Health?

Our Osteopaths have undertaken further training to be able to safely and effectively apply dry-needling as a treatment technique. We utilise dry-needling techniques in muscles which may be too sensitive for massage such as those in acute injury, or based on client preference. We do not apply dry-needling in isolation, but rather as an adjunctive therapy which complements hands on therapy, exercise rehabilitation and education.

If you’d like to know more about dry-needling, feel free to ask any questions you may have by giving the clinic a call on (03) 9052 4948 or email us at: Info@dghealth.com.au

Our Mission

Our mission is to get you pain free through hands on treatment and moving your best through tailored exercise programs.

We want to help you look after the only body you will ever own and take care of it now so you can do the things you love for years to come.

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