Running Can Be Rough.

Running is difficult enough when you’ve being doing it for a while, let alone when you’re just getting started with it. Being able to run 5kms is a goal that many people have, and for good reason – it’s a true milestone distance. Not only that, running has incredible health benefits such as increased bone density and strengthened heart and lungs.

Here are some key elements to focus on when you’re first getting into running:



Keep It Regular.

Every time you go for a run, keep the build up and cues consistent. For example, schedule your run in for the same time each day and listen to the same hype-up music before you hit the pavement. This will help make running a habit, which makes it easier to follow through when you aren’t feeling like it.

Treat Yourself!

Teach your brain through experience that every time you run, there will be a reward immediately afterwards.


Build Support Around Yourself.

Your routine should include things that make you feel good, like running with friends or tracking your progress with a running app.

Just Get Moving:

Before trying to run consistently, you need to at least be able to walk consistently. It doesn’t have to be walking, but first get into doing some form of exercise regularly before attempting to incorporating a running routine.


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