What brought Zoe into the clinic?

Zoe came to the clinic with increased shoulder pain and loss of range of motion related to a shoulder dislocation a year prior. She had seen a physio in the past which was helpful, however mostly for the short-term.

What were our 28 day goals for treatment?

Her goals were to reach her arm above her head and to train pain free.


What did we do?

Through a comprehensive assessment, we found that the deficit wasn’t as much due to her shoulder– the more obvious culprit– but rather due to restrictions through the front of the neck! We got straight to work combining soft tissue work through the anterior scalene musculature and mobilisation of her first rib (which hurts so good ☠️). Believe it or not, these images were taken only one week apart!


What wre the outcomes?

As always, at DG Health we are after the sustainable solution to clients problems. While we identified the source, there was still work to be done! Combining this hands-on approach with near-perfect home exercise adherence, within 28 days, Zoe had regained her shoulder mobility and was able to train hard pain free. Down the road, and with the help of her ever-watchful personal trainer Kat, she was later able to get her first pull up! Strong work!

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